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Will I need Planning Permission?

Adding certain features is considered “Permitted Development”, so within certain limits there is a chance you won’t even need Planning Permission. Among other things, these limits relate to:

  • The actual size of the conservatory
  • How it compares to the rest of house
  • Amount of space being used
  • How close you are to the neighbours.

If you do need planning permission, our architect can go through what you’d have to take into account in designing it.
The Government has recently amended the guidance on Planning Permission to make it easier for people who would like to add a conservatory.

Find out more from the Government's Planning Portal.

Building Extensions

Have you thought that your house is no longer suitable? A common reason is that there’s just not enough space. Common reasons for this include:

  • More people working from home, so you need a study?
  • More storage needed, or storage is in the wrong place
  • An extra child needing another bedroom perhaps, perhaps from families coming together.
You could move to a larger house but having chosen the one you live in, why not make it work for you again?

Plus, the costs of moving house are pretty steep:

Item Cost
Mortgage Arrangement £350
Surveys £1200
Legal costs £1000
Stamp Duty £3600
House Move £1000
Total £6000

Even if your extension costs more than this, you may as well put this to your house instead of spending it on legal costs – and you get to keep your home.

Why not add a conservatory?

With Britain having some of the smallest houses in Europe, it’s not surprising that many people are opting to add space and value to their homes by installing a conservatory.

Different Styles

Gone are the days when adding a conservatory meant a standard white plastic box attached to the side of your house. Modern materials and Outram’s in-house architects mean that we can design an attractive addition to your house which suits your needs, and matches the rest of your house.

Would a conservatory add value to my house?

In short, yes - if you have the space, developing it will add value.
How much value depends on the quality of the build, and how much use it will get. A south facing conservatory with a door into a large garden will be valuable. A house that needs a conservatory, perhaps as a playroom, will see its value increase more if you have one built.

Talk to our architect who will be happy to go through the options for all types of extensions and conservatories.

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